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Whilst there aren’t any guarantees in business, there are certainly ways to make success more likely.

That’s why we’ve created a course that helps you gain clarity, compare options and make a plan.

Approaching your project in this highly structured way will save you time, money and energy.

Once you wrap up this course, you’ll know where you’re heading, why you’re heading there and not least how you’re going to get there.

And you can get started today.


Would you like to start a farming business geared toward helping you reach your main objectives in life and support the quality of life you’re after?

Then our new online course, ‘Start the Right Farm’, is for you.

Whilst no one can guarantee the success of a business, it’s definitely possible to plan for success and thereby make it more likely to occur. That’s what we help you do in this course.

You’ll define what success really means to you, figure out which enterprise(s) will best support it, and then make a plan for how to achieve it.

Let’s get started.


A recognised leader in the field of regenerative agriculture, Richard Perkins is the owner of Europe’s foremost example, Ridgedale Farm, and the author of the widely acclaimed manual Regenerative Agriculture. His blog reaches 100,000 people and he has taught thousands of students through his live trainings and online courses.

Richard has worked professionally in every major climate zone across several continents consulting to projects, farms and industry and is now focused on educating a new generation of farmers who want to restore soils and feed their local communities whilst making a good living from it.

This course will help you start a farm that’s right for you

  • First we help you get clear on what you actually want (not just what you kinda think you want), because this will transform the choices you make.
  • Then we help you understand what a range of different enterprises require in terms of time, investments, land base, marketplace and more, consequently making it clear to you which enterprise or enterprises will best support you in meeting your needs.
  • And finally we help you make a solid plan for how to market and sell your products and be profitable, because this is what will make your business, and therefore also to a significant degree your life, work.


A farm that fits you is not necessarily identical to the farm you’ve had a picture of in your head. When you get really clear about what matters most to you in life, about what specific enterprises require in terms of time, money, land base and skills, and about your resources and your marketplace, then the best setup might not be the one you had in mind to begin with.

This course will replace a lot of guess work with inquiry, analysis, research and planning. That might not sound as juicy as simply ‘going for your dreams’, but the reality is that if you just try to wing it in farming, it’s unlikely that your dreams will come true.

Farming is perhaps the most difficult business of all to be in, so you better know why you’re doing it and how you’ll make it work. Whilst there are no guarantees in farming, planning for success is the recipe for achieving success.

Start Planning for Success Today

Got questions? Click here or email us at [email protected].



Don’t make the mistake of starting a farm that’s incompatible with how you want to live your life, just because you never sat down and got really clear.


Never choose an enterprise before you understand the big picture. If you don’t know what it requires, then you can’t know if it’s a good fit for you.


Producing food is fairly easy – selling it not neccessarily so. If you want to stay in business, then you need to plan for profit and control your cashflow.


When you buy Start the Right Farm we’ll include an epic bonus that is as inspirational as it’s educational:  Our Farm Like a Hero series (199€ value) which features 60+ of Europe’s best up-and-coming regenerative farmers.

Here’s Why You Need This Course

So you wanna farm.

Perhaps you dream of harvesting beautiful vegetables or collecting eggs? Maybe you love being around animals? Or perhaps you just want to spend your days outdoors?

Or are you wanting to contribute to food resilience in the world? Restore ecosystems? Revive the community spirit in your area?

While you might very well say yes to various or all of the above, it’s really important to get clear on exactly what drives you, on what you like, on what you long for. And not only in terms of your farming business, but in all aspects of your life.

Because you’ll probably discover that you have interfering interests. That’s completely normal – what’s important is that you figure out what matters most and make the necessary adjustments. Here are some examples;

>> If you have a time-consuming hobby or young children, it might be wiser to start a layer enterprise than a market garden.

>> If you want to travel the world during winters, that’s easier to do for a market gardener than for a cattle farmer.

>> If you think sheep are awesome, but your urban plot is 500m2 and you need it to generate a salary, then growing salad is a better place to start.

As you can see, it’s of utmost importance that you nail down your why and use it to create a Holistic Context that can serve as your decision-making framework, as well as get clear on your unique situation in terms of budget, land base, climate, regulations etc.

Once you’ve done that, you need to figure out how to reach your objectives. To that end, you need to be able to compare different avenues. You want to have an idea of the startup costs, the running costs, the land base needed, the time commitment etc. for different enterprises in order to figure out which one(s) will best suit your objectives.

And once you’ve decided on an enterprise (or various), you need to figure out how to market and sell your products and how to manage cashflow.

Start the Right Farm will help you with all of that and can easily pay itself back in mistakes not made.


Got questions? Click here or email us at [email protected]

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A FARM THAT FITS                    A FARM THAT WORKS                    OVERVIEW
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